Keyboard shortcuts for rating iTunes songs

20090413picture-5I’m on the hunt for a good Mac to-do list/GTD manager and while I’ve yet to settle on one of the multitude that are available, the search did lead me to a handy utility I’ve been looking for for ages. It’s called I Love Stars and it puts an iTunes star rating tool in the menu bar so you can rate songs as they’re being played without going into iTunes. Better still, you can assign keyboard shortcuts that work in any application — something I’ve had zero success with using Mac OS X’s own keyboard shortcut feature.

How did I find it? It’s a freebie from the developer of a GTD application called The Hit List, which although still in beta, is pretty powerful — it just looks awful. I tried it for a while, but have reverted to Things, which, despite the vocal dissatisifaction of its users about slow updates, still seems to match my needs very well.

I came to things after trying OmniFocus (too complex), Daylite (awesome, but expensive and weak on GTD features), iGTD2 (promising, but now a dead project) and Toodledo (great and free, but cloud-based with a limited UI ). I may write a round-up of Mac GTD tools at some point. We’ll see. Incidentally, I’m not a GTD fan, but planning all the work I have to do in a fancy-looking application is a great displacement activity….

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