Use QuickBoot to restart with Windows and Boot Camp

QuickBoot is a free utility that fixes that annoying problem of forgetting to hold down the Alt key when you restart your Mac to boot into Windows via Boot Camp. It sits in the menu bar and let’s you restart your Mac and boot into Windows with a mouse click.

The utility is a bit like the Boot Camp Control Panel that gets installed under Windows, but rather than let you choose a partition to always boot by default, this is just a one-time, next-boot-only choice and when you restart Windows, you’ll boot back into Mac OS. It looks like you can choose any bootable volume attached to your Mac, but I only use one Boot Camp partition and so can’t test this.

QuickBoot also offers the Mac OS partition as an option — presumably this lets you cancel a previously selected non-Mac OS partition when you want to restart back into Mac OS instead, but it could do with a bit more explanation. The author also reckons that the utility doesn’t work at all with the MacBook Air and unibody MacBooks, and that it works as a default setting on PPC Macs rather than a one-off. Still, a useful app to have if you’re as forgetful as me with that Alt key.


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