How to sync multiple iPhone calendars with Google

If you’ve recently set-up Google Mobile Sync to synchronise your Calendar and Contacts with your iPhone over-the-air, you may have noticed that only one Google Calendar is being synced. It is possible to set-up Google Mobile Sync to sync up to five calendars, though (the maximum the iPhone supports) – you just need to make a configuration change.

Google Mobile Sync can synchronise both personal and public/shared calendars – here’s how to do it.

Step 1

On your iPhone, open Safari and browse to, then tap the Sync icon.


Step 2

Tap “Sign in with your Google Account” and enter your Gmail/Googlemail login details. Tape Done to continue.

multiple-calendar-sync-02a multiple-calendar-sync-02b

Step 3

A list of devices set up to sync will appear (you can configure more than one – iPhones, Windows Mobile smartphones, and so on), so tap the one your want to edit.


Step 4

You’ll see a list of Calendars under My Calendars and Shared Calendars. Tap to enable the calendars you want to sync and tap Save at the bottom of the web page.


Step 5

If you use Push, the changes will take place automatically, or when you next open the Calendar app otherwise.


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