Use a three-finger trackpad swipe to scroll to the top & bottom of a page in Firefox

Here’s another Firefox I discovered the other day. On a MacBook with a multi-touch trackpad, you can use a three finger up/down swipe to move instantly to the top/bottom of a web page. It doesn’t work in Safari, sadly.

Two useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

These are very old news (I’m sure), but I’ve just stumbled upon two useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox.

  • ⌘ + L — jump to and select (ready for overtyping) the contents of the location box.
  • ⌘ + K — jump to and select (ready for overtyping) the contents of the search box.

In other words, you don’t need to reach for the mouse when typing a new URL or searching for something. I’m sure everyone’s been using these for ages, but they’re a revelation to me…

Update: Thanks to Mark for pointing out that ⌘ + L also works in Safari — but ⌘ + K doesn’t…

Custom keyboard shortcuts in Firefox for Mac OS are broken

picture-8I complained at length about keyboard shortcut inconsistencies in Mac OS X the other day — an OS that’s supposedly ultra-consistent — but it appears that the Apple isn’t wholly to blame. I singled out Firefox and NeoOffice as particular offenders (largely because as a new-ish Mac user, they’re the two apps I use the most), but I have now found an explanation for Firefox’s keyboard shortcut misbehaviour. (more…)

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