Snow Leopard

Samsung ML-1510 laser printer incompatible with Snow Leopard

This is just a heads up if you can’t get your Samsung ML-1510 laser printer to work with Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard. The current Samsung driver for Mac OS 10.3 doesn’t work with Snow Leopard and Samsung’s advice to reinstall the 10.5 driver isn’t much use — there is no 10.5 driver.

With regard to your ML-1510 and the recent issue you have experienced with Mac OS 10.6, as with previously released versions of the Mac OS, Samsung Electronics will provide support for this platform and will provide drivers for the new OS once they have been refined. In the mean time a number of our users have reported that simply reinstalling the 10.5 driver will allow users to continue using their printer.

Once the drivers have been refined for this latest Mac OS release they will be posted on the download centre of our website, we suggest that you monitor the website for their release.

Fortunately, Samsung is at least working on a 10.6 driver for this cheap and cheerful laser printer, but there’s no word on when it will appear. When it does, look for it here.

Why does Disk Utility crash under Snow Leopard?

disk-utilI’ve just (thanks Royal Mail!) installed Snow Leopard on my iMac and immediately ran into problems with applications not behaving properly. In some cases, they wouldn’t run at all and crashed upon launch.

For example, Activity Monitor reported some apps as using 16,777,216TB of hard disk space (I have no idea which SI unit that works out at – yottabytes..?) and Disk Utility crashed as soon as it was started. After a few minutes of panic about having to wipe and reinstall due to some mysterious bug, I figured out the problem — it’s all due to the Snow Leopard installer. (more…)

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